The Business

Bulgartel is a Telecom operating its own network for telecommunications services covering Bulgaria, Balkan region and Europe.

Our customers are Corporate clients with large number of offices within the country and worldwide having huge international traffic, Other Licensed Operators in Bulgaria, ISPs, Global carriers, System Integrators and other.

Bulgartel backbone is deployed along the gas pipe routes across Bulgaria thus we are providing uniquely high Service Availability on a monthly basis for the services we are offering. Additional advantage is geographically diverse routing from all other operator’s networks in Bulgaria which are organized along the high ways. The above mentioned features of our network are an excellent base for provisioning of highly reliable main and spare telecommunications services for our clients. Upon customers’ requirement and confirmed feasibility we can offer fully protected services including the local loops to our clients’ premisses in Bulgaria and abroad.

Bulgartel has direct peering with world Top 10 Tier1 Internet providers and international Internet Exchanges organized over terrestrial fiber optic symmetric and fully redundant back-hauls. Direct peering with Bulgarian ISPs and protected connectivity to the Bulgarian Internet Exchange (BIX.BG) are established.

Two diverse trans-border connections are available towards Turkey and Romania. Four totally diverse routes towards West Europe (Budapest, Vienna, Frankfurt, Amsterdam etc.) are currently organized via Romania (2 routes), Serbija and Macedonia. Bulgartel is the only operator having its own Fiber Optic Cable from Sofia to Skopje, Macedonia. Services to Kosovo, Serbija, Greece, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine are provided to our demanding customers.

Bulgartel has its subsidiary in Macedonia – Bulgartel Skopje DOOEL strongly focused on network development in the region towards Albania, Monte Negro etc.