Being a part of Bulgartel team


Being a part of Bulgartel team is a challenge and a sustainable growth guarantee. Bulgartel is a unique mixture of a state company and a Telco operating on the most competitive market – ICT. Personal features like creativity, innovativeness, dynamism and ambition for professional and personal success are must.  In addition endurance and profound knowledge of administrative rules of state sector are required.

Our main goal is to steadily enhance Bulgartel’s significance by the following key points:

  • Customer relations: We are aiming entire customer satisfaction by offering excellent products and services;
  • Innovation: Imposing an innovative working environment for best results achievement where every day work is a pleasure;
  • Respect: Personal respect and company goals determination based on the best individual characteristics;
  • Integrity: Open and fair communications, target commitment.

Distinguished features of everyone are positive thinking and timely taken actions, looking forward to higher effectiveness. The management looks after correct assessment and rewording; relevant actions in case of negligence.  

Advantages: The most important factor for a sustainable success under condition of a deliberate market and fierce competition is the successful team. Therefore we have attracted talented professionals ready to work in a team and to face contemporary challenges.

Taking into consideration its social responsibility Bulgartel has created a specific remuneration scheme to comply with the expectations of the proven specialist and to ensure development of the newcomers as well.

Relaxation:  Being able to take our time for relaxation makes us more productive and communicative. Therefore everybody is encouraged to have a break any time during the year.