Business Internet

Business Internet ensures guaranteed capacity to Global Internet Network. This service is appropriate for SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) and Large Corporations as well.   Provisioning of public IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses is included in the service.

Bulgartel use a highly reliable Data Transmission Network to transmit the Internet traffic to the client’s premises. Global Internet access is realized through interconnections with some of Top 10 Tier 1 providers, major International and National IX (Internet Exchanges) – DECIX,  BIX.BG and direct peering connections to the biggest Bulgarian ISPs. Every link is organized via terrestrial symmetric and fully redundant Fiber Optic Cable routes. The end customer Internet traffic is routed via the shortest possible route through BGP calculation using the full routing tables of the Global Internet.

Архитектура на услугата

Service advantages

High level of coverage – the service can be provided across the country and all over the world;

Service is provided via Fiber Optic connectivity up to the client’s premises;

Symmetric access - guaranteed capacity of download and upload;

Upon customer’s request a protected local loop connectivity using fully diverse routes can be ensured;

Minimal Round Trip Delay – shortest possible route towards any network is guaranteed for every single package;

Competitive pricing;

SLA - Service Level Agreement with the following parameters:

Service availability on a monthly basis;

Minimal levels of: packet loss and RTD (Round Trip Delay);

Mean Time to restore.

Scalability – easy upgrade and traffic balance between International and Bulgarian Internet Networks;

Web based traffic monitoring in real time;

Professional technical support 24х7х365.

Service parameters

Guaranteed Capacity – starting from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps Internet access;

Interfaces – 10/100 Fast Ethernet (copper); 1 Gigabit Ethernet (optical);


Protected: redundant local loop connectivity using fully diverse routes from Bulgartel’s Internet node to the customer’s premises;

Standard: established via a single last mile from Bulgartel’s Internet node to the customer’s premises.

Available locations: every town or village within Bulgaria and in the customer’s offices abroad;

Protocol – BGP v4, static routing.

Service parameters

Bulgartel is fully responsible for service provisioning upon Agreement/Service Order Form placement. Maximal lead time is 30 days. Express delivery is available upon a client’s request and is subject of Bulgartel’s confirmation.

24x7x365 maintenance is provided by NMC (Network Management Center). Ambitious professionals are monitoring and ensuring the parameters  of the SLA.

 24 hours hot line:  +359 885 777 315.