Dark fibre


Bulgartel offers dark fibres on a monthly leased base. The service is dedicated to the customers who need infrastructure and prefer to develop their own network and services and for the customers who need to transfer huge amount of traffic on a short distance.


Service reliability and security – the customer shall obtain optical fibers from the most reliable Fiber Optic Network in Bulgaria. Dark fiber lease abroad is also available.

Service parameters
  • End points;
  • Number of fibers;
  • Fiber type – G. 652 and G. 655;
  • Connector type at both ends;
  • Cable length;
  • Attenuation and dispersion;
  • Routing upon client’s request.
Implementation and Support

Bulgartel is fully responsible for service provisioning upon Agreement/Service Order Form placement. Maximal lead time is 30 days. Express delivery is available upon a client’s request and is subject of Bulgartel’s confirmation.
24x7x365 maintenance is provided by NMC (Network Management Center). Ambitious professionals are monitoring and ensuring the parameters  of the SLA.

24 hours hot line:  +359 885 777 315.